Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Many of these sites look like useful ones for students old and young. Zoho would work well for library applications, since one doesn't need to download anything to use it. NoteMesh would be handy for a group working on a project (in-house at KRL) or taking a class together. I was impressed with Kathy Schrock's site for educators. I struggled to use Audacity for a personal project. The download came with NO instructions. One of the tools on her site is a "how-to" on Audacity. There are many suggestions and sites to visit to enhance any learning situation. I woud see KRL sharing this site with school teachers as well as KRL teachers.

Isn't it wonderful the quantity and quality of tools available to us on our computers!!


Twitter seems kinda silly to me. I don't need one more chatty site. I found Shirlee and Shannon on the list of people signed up for Twitter. Shannon is a bit fragmented and crazy--just like the real Shannon. No wonder the kids love her!! And Shirlee...I'll always find Shirlee special. I can't think of a reason to abandon the applications we already have to add Twitter. I know the news padcast said that Twitter may replace some of the older ones, but until then, I'll pass.


At first my reaction to Facebook (and MySpace) was that these sites were not very appropriate for a library to participate in. In reading a number of the articles about Facebook, I have changed my mind. When I read that many students could not access their own school library on the web, I realized that these same students wouldn't access KRL either. Being on Facebook gives the student and easy and convenient way to get to the library when they have questions (or when something piques their interest). Creating a library portal will get the student to what they need without having to go to the KRL website first. (And most students thrive on "easy".) They already know how to use Facebook, so the portal will be easy for them. Being able to access KitKat would bring them into contact with material quickly. It appears easy to update the info on Facebook and to add calendar items, too. With the lid lift coming up soon, this exposure to more community members (who may not be big library users at this time) is vital. "Get 'em hooked now!" Let's become a part of this network.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


KRL's wiki is beginning to take shape. I've read Port Orchard's page and can't think of anything to add. I also read the Sub page, and really admire whoever could come up with all that "sub" image. Great stuff!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Library Self-Check Video How-To


I've viewed some videos, found the salmon story at KRL, and am about to try to do the extra assignments. I really don't think this video thing is for me. If the video is informative or educational, it would serve a purpose. The only other reason to spend my time viewing would be if I had a friend or family member (someday a grandchild???) who was starring in a video. So I don't think I will be using YouTube very much.

Library Self-check Video

Monday, November 5, 2007


Another successful "class" in krl2pt0! Library Thing was a lot of fun to learn about and to participate in. Along with increasing age comes forgetfulness. I decided to include a number of books I had read in the past two years that I found interesting in one way or another. --It took me FOREVER to remember the titles! Having them here will be great when I go to recommend a book and can't quite come up with the title. Also, looking at what other people think of these books was very informative. (It's always good to get a negative review in order to re-think the opinions I have formed.) And I've found a new source of new books to read. I really like this site! That public libraries can use it is great for patrons. Those tags are really helpful!!